The Owner

Licensed in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Colorado, Will is also LEED Certified BD+C (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Building Design and Construction.)   Earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Tulane University, Will also studied at the University of Pennsylvania. It was during this time, in a graduate level design studio, where Will became immersed in the digital design culture and would fully embrace its potential.

Formative post-graduate experience includes time spent at the high-end, design-build firm of Robert Stack located in the center of the 18-mile Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Detail-oriented, Jersey Shore vernacular single- and multi-family designs were the mainstay.

Will spent over two years working in the Modular construction industry and has been heavily influenced by the practical design challenges associated with offsite logistical constraints. “Necessity is the mother of all invention” and becomes an architectural asset when considering the possibilities within such a framework.

Will’s passion for architecture began as a passion for all things building as a young child. Prior to formal architecture school he spent three cumulative years working in the construction industry as a carpenter and framer with some considerable plumbing and electrical work. This hand’s on approach has continued to this day and is reflected in the careful attention to detail seen in final construction documents he produces.

Will founded Hidlay Architecture LLC in fall 2011 to focus on creative, cost-effective and personalized solutions for his clients.